The Coming of the Lord is Eternal as is that Eternal Day of His “Rest”

And he said to them, “I tell you the solemn Truth, there are some of you (as in a few) who are standing here · who will not taste death until they See the Kingdom of God having come with Great POWER.”

Then Six days later likened to after 6000 yrs as in the Fathers day being a thousand years as it is Today Jesus took · · Peter and James and John · his brother, and He led them “UP” a very High Mountain (individually) by themselves set apart. And He was “Transfigured” as in Changed before them, and His face shone · like the sun, · and His clothes as were His Spiritual garments became as white as · Light.

Suddenly as “IN” a moment something happened something “Changed” as there appeared to them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.

And then Peter spoke up to Jesus, saying, “Lord, it is good that we are here? If you wish, I will put up three shelters (booths or tabernacles) here—one for you Jesus, · one for Moses, and another one for Elijah.” And While Peter was still yet speaking, a Bright Cloud overshadowed them All and a Voice came forth from the cloud saying “This is · My Son, the Beloved ONE TABERNACLE “NOT” THREE, in whom I am well pleased; Listen to Him!”

Then many years later after the Lords Spirit was NOW totally Indwelling Peters Soul as he was Progressing into that same Glory he had experienced ‘Witnessing” to it with his brother James and John as well as Moses and Elijah with Jesus Peter now writes this to us who are “ALIVE” In this same Spirit as a “Revelation” from the Life-Giving Spirit Himself even our Jesus as he says here quoting him in:

2 Peter 1 saying this: For we did not follow cunningly crafted stories when we made known to you the “Coming of our Lord” Jesus Christ in POWER!!, · but we were Eyewitnesses of his Majesty-His Glory as we could SEE it in All three of our brethren as in Moses and Elijah as they appeared to us “IN” His same Glory. For when He Jesus received this honor and Glory from God the Father when a Voice borne to Him by the Majestic Glory proclaimed: “This is · My Son, · My Beloved, on whom my favor Rests.” We ourselves heard this voice borne from another place another realm as “IN” Heaven, for we were with Him on the Holy Mountain from above where Christ is Amen.

Moreover, we hold now this Prophetic REALITY as the Living Word Himself was “Manifested” to us to be most reliable, and you also will do well to pay close attention to it as you would to a Lamp Shining in a gloomy place that is our own souls, until the Day progressively dawns and the “Morning Star” Himself arises in You “FULLY as in your hearts as is the Coming of our Lord Amen.

This is and always will be The Coming of the Lord “IN” the Glory of the Father alone Amen……

The “Reality” of the Truth as told by Jesus and His Holy followers…..

These are some Words expressed by our Lord regarding His Kingdom “NOT” the one being falsified in His Name as coming from Man and his own personal agenda and the praise of it from so many humans and “NOT” from our God…
But seek first you “Must” before All things Seek after the kingdom of God and · His Righteousness ‘NOT” Mans, and All these things will be given to you as well. “Ask and it will be given to you, Seek after it and it will then be Revealed if One Seeks with All their heart and “SOUL” and then you will find, knock and the “Hidden” Book will be Opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who Seeks finds, and for everyone who knocks it will be opened.
But the hour is coming, and is here already, when ·The True Worshipers their “SOULS” will Worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth; for indeed the Father is Seeking OUT just such a people · to be His Worshipers with the Whole heart where the Soul is forever Obedient to Her Lord as is His body being conformed to Him Image “Spiritually” and NOT the false Image created in err to the Beast as the god of this world as is it’s realm and it’s people.
Jesus speaking says: I can do nothing on my own; I judge only as I Hear, and · my judgment · is just because I Seek not · my own will · but the Will of Him who sent me just as He is sending us if we are the sent ones Amen. Our “Meat” should be to Do the Will of our Father alone “PERIOD” as it is in the Heavens always looking from that Spiritual dwelling place for our Savior who is and will transform this lowly “Soul” as the body of His Weakness into the Glory of His Resurected body through the POWER He has to subject All things to Himself Amen
Jesus goes on to say that He did not accept praise from people, because I have come in the name of my Father and you as in the world do not accept me. However, If someone else comes in · his own “Religious” name, · him you will accept.
How can you believe, when you DESIRE Praise from one another but do not Seek the praise that comes from the only Holy God?
Jesus came to that which was his own religious Jews as His people, likened to the Apostles and Prophets after Him coming to what is todays Christians in name, but His own people did not accept Him as they did with Peter-John and Paul raising up their own disobedient Image to God “NOT” Obeying Him alone as their Lord in deeds as to be made Pure and “NOT” the words only.
But as many as did “RECEIVE” Him,Obeying Him, to them he gave the “POWER” to become the Manifested Children of God, to those who are believing into · His name, who were born, “NOT” from the human stock or from a physical impulse or by a husband’s decision, but by God alone.
The one who speaks on his own authority seeks · his own honor; · but the one who Seeks the honor of the One who sent him is Truthful, and in him there is nothing false. I · am not seeking · glory for myself.
To those of you who are patiently enduring doing good Godly works- Seek for the Glory, honor and immortality that is Coming from above- within you where Christ is as your Lord, He will give Eternal Life; but to those who are Self-Seeking and do not “OBEY” the truth but obey their own· unrighteousness, there will be a wrath and a fury exposed within the souls of these disobedient men.
For ignoring the righteousness that comes down from God, and Seeking to establish · their own, they did “NOT” submit to God’s righteousness incerting the leaven of their own teachings to their souls destruction.
Since Gods People are eager for “Manifestations” of the Spirit of Life, then “Seek” to EXCEL for the edification of the Soul being made Righteous as in your “SOULS” as is Christ’s body many membered as the True church. For am I now seeking the approval of men, “NO! or of · God? Yes! Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.
Neither did we seek praise from men, whether from you or from others for our Praise is from God alone who is In Christ
Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, Seek After the things above, where · Christ is, seated at the right hand of God within you if He’s in you “NOT” outside as is the world and the ones still loving it.
Be sober-minded! Be alert! Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion Seeking someone to devour.

FIX your Eye upon Jesus Amen

TWO Spirits

Beloved there are Only TWO Spirits functioning in this World and ONE Spirit is from above as is Christ the Lord who is that very Holy and Obedient Spirit of Gods Righteousness Amen? Amen!
Now this other spirit is extremely cunning, crafty, and more subtle then any beast of this world that the Lord God Himself has made Amen? Amen! So why am I writing to you concerning this disobedient spirit operating as one spirit many member-ed who “Masquerades” within a people as many many people and he does so in Jesus name because he’s the god of this world. Yes he is the god of fleshly wisdom love and all it’s desires for attaining to Godliness through him “NOT” Christ because he’s the deceiver the false god the LIAR Amen? My Prayer is that you will See these things through the Eye of the Spirit of Obedience that is and IS Christ Jesus Himself as that ONE Living Life-Giving Unadulterated Spirit as the Father is alone Amen? So if you have this very Holy Spirit of Christ Dwelling In you as He “MUST” be at work within you as IN our Soul to Prepare them for Himself Amen?
So where are we?? This needs to be the Most serious of questions answered as we ALL are asking ourselves as in our own Souls to See if the Messiah Jesus as the Christ sent from God is really the ONE Spirit “DWELLING” there in ones own Inner sanctuary of the Holy Place as Ones own soul is to be that Place alone where Today the Most Holy is the One “Jesus” by and through His Spirit is the One Spirit at Home in His REAL body as our own souls or is it that FALSE Pretentious Impostor as in the Counterfeit spirit as the other god as in the god presenting himself as god to God even in His Name ? This spirit Beloved is that Opposing spirit called the Instead of Christ at work dwelling in the souls of religious men as an Anti-Christ spirit setting up his “Masquerading Kingdom as if it were our Gods and the reason being it is so is because the Living God alone has allowed the god to do his will because of “DISOBEDIENCE” to Gods Love for the souls of men and their “NOT” being Obedient to Gods Love and the Love of this Truth that He desires His bride to be Transformed and delivered by Himself Holy and Undefiled and dwelling with these as the King of all Kings as the Christ preparing Her place for Himself as God as His Place for Her as One House made Whole forever and ever Amen.
Now for those of us as in you that are Faithfully believing then you have and are in the process of “PURIFYING” · your Souls by and through your Obedience to the only God given Spirit of Obedience as Christ IN You which is the only Truth. A Spiritual Truth so that there is now Within You a Most Sincere “Unfeigned Love” NOT a Sensual love as is in the bodies of this worlds souls operating as the spirit within ones soul of this fallen nature but that which is from Above this World as an “Incorruptible Love” of the Highest ORDER as God is Himself right “NOW” beloved within you if He is within you as the Greater ONE then he that is still operating within the souls of this world Amen!
If this Agape is Operating within you as in your souls as in Christ then You are Now Manifesting it for other “REAL” Believers, this is the Agape Love that Reveals itself as “UNFEIGNED” tested it is and will be to prove it’s metal as being Born from above as is the True Love of our God and the only “Unfeigned Love” that one has and can have for another in Godlike Fervency as Zeal for His People from a Pure and most sincere heart Amen?
Beloved- Everyone who has · this Hope in Him is in the processes of Purifying himself, just as He “Christ” who is “Within” himself as In Himself is Pure.
We have this Present Living active Hope as the Anchor for our Present Spiritual Life, REAL LIFE! it’s both sure and steadfast—· a Hope that Enters the Inner heavenly Shrine within ones being behind the Veil of this worlds flesh where we gave ours to Him “NAILING” it to Him DEAD Crucified “REMOVED” so we are now ALIVE forever more in Him as the Most Holy of All where Jesus has already entered on our behalf as our forerunner, having become our High Priest for ALL ETERNITY according to the Eternal order of Melchizedek Meaning: “My King”, so that the name literally translates to “My King as In Gods King is His own Righteousness” as a body where the soul and Spirit are ONE as God is ONE Amen
Beloved this is the Only Salvation of our God where these TWO houses of ones soul and His Spirit become ONE NEW CREATION as it completes it’s course as when our Souls are delivered Upward as Inward in those eternal Heavenly places in God as having Conquered the World of those lusts and desires that always were at War within it for Control of it Until we Received the Only Spirit of Gods Obedience as Christ within us as in Jesus to laying our souls down at His Feet alone Obeying Him to See Him Conquer “DELIVERING” Her as Ones own Soul as a Living Sacrifice to our God so she’s made ONE In Him alone as Her redeemer and Lord to the Age eternal and without End Amen. This alone is the Goal of our Most Holy and Precious Faith of our God that He alone has birthed within us which is the completion of His Work within us as the deliverance called the Salvation of Gods Land the Land that He alone has Promised which is the New Jerusalem because She’s is the Only City of Peace where He alone will dwell in as ONE God to the Age eternal forever and ever Amen

The “Manifesting” Glory as the Sons of God on Earth In Ones Soul as In Heaven

Thinking this Morning on our Most Precious and Beautiful Lord Jesus and how He came here and how we relate to Him today. Knowing He was Born of the Seed of David after the “FLESH” and what does that just mean to us today “Spiritually” as in eternally speaking to us when I could Hear His Voice saying Yes I came into this World then through a Virgin and it Must be the same with you as with me as His Voice Trumpeted with an Amen meaning “Truth” To which He was saying that the Seed of the Eternal God and our Father was placed wholly and Most Holy into this precious “Soul” as the Womb of a Faithful Woman as our Father “Watched” Over Her as she was also from the Tribe of Judah after the Flesh and so I was placed as the Immortal-Incorruptible Seed of the Eternal Fathers eternal Son now being Formed within Her as the “Christ” the Eternal High Priest of God and His 1st born of Himself in the many Sons He calls and brings also into His Presence which is our Glory.
Mary was pregnant with the Holy Seed and as I was being formed Within Her – she as Her Soul was that Womb that had to be Protected so she could give Birth “Presence” to me as well as you to Come of the eternal Fathers Presence. As the time was nearing for my being presented to the World as the Fathers Son No human knew the extent of who was going to Come into this World with the exception of a few and very few it was as it is today with those be Called Out and separated unto our Fathers Will as He’s Planted my Presence “Within” them the very Souls of another Whole body as a Virgin She “Must” be because it can be NO other Way Truth Amen. This woman that is this Soul will “NOT” have had any relationship with the souls of this world other then Her Kin to Come before me named the Spirit of “Repentance” as was the Prophet Elijah and John to follow after- as are these same Voices being Trumpeted In the Earth Today to Prepare a Way a Straight Line to this reality Yes make the Path to the Great Eternal One Straight bringing in the Fruit of genuine contrition so as to See His Coming Again. As I was being formed within our Mother womb -Her Soul as being the Prototype of the Womb was oh so going about Rejoicing in our God Her deliverer- Her very own Savior- Her Lord and our God Truth.
As the time approached for my being Revealed to this Age Not many could See my Coming but some Shepherds and very Few it was that were tending their flock when the ‘Watchers” Came Upon them “Messengers” Angels with Glorious Words that the SAVIOR is Coming to the City of David “Jerusalem” to deliver His People and All the Angels were singing Truth- Amen.
Why am I speaking these things Today beloved Ones? It is as it was then so it is Now also on time as the Eternal Fathers Seed of Himself in His many Sons are being Spiritually formed in the Virgin Soul “Precisely” as mine was then and is Now being Prepared within you where IAM. Our Fathers sent His Word His Holy Seed “Christ” Out again into this World to find His Virgin “NOT” the corrupted souls that are still in a union with this World but it is once again Hidden from the World as a City from above the Real Spiritually City of the eternal Father Himself which is this soul and the many to follow after Her giving Presence as My Coming again and again internally and eternally from the secret place Most Holy to the Father of Glory Truth-Amen.
As my time was approaching to be presented ALIVE to this world many were gathering back to the Place they themselves were Born in also for a Census as a headcount to their Origin on earth as it was with both My Mother and Father after the Flesh In Jerusalem as it is In Heaven also Truth Amen.
Then I came under Darkness appearing in a place that holds Water as a Vessel for ones own Live-Stock to Drink from Just as my offspring are as I Appear again Truth-Amen
I was BORN I appeared and the Angels sang Rejoicing in the Eternal Father our Savior and the Shepherds were Coming out from the dry places to See this Child-King when the Kings of the East were preparing to Go west bringing gifts of Salvation as they appear in His Presence with very Few other as men “Watching” Over their hearts ‘Knowing” as you do the False Kingdom of this worlds self appointed Kings saying they also will come to Worship the eternal Father when their interest is to Kill once again the Holy Presence of the Father in my Holy offspring His Sons.
I was then “Milked” by my Mothers Virgin Soul having Opened it Myself for this the 1st Time a little here and a little more being fed as I was by My Fathers Eternal Presence Growing Upward In Him alone guarding my own soul now as my Mother Virgin to offer Her Upward to our Father as that Living body His Sacrifice of Himself “Pure- HOLY- Undefiled Truth Amen
As I grew as my Mother fed me from those Virgin breasts with the purest untainted Unadulterated Milk as She kept Her Soul separated and Pure as God Himself was within Her so she was able to give me this bread and Milk so it was time Now for Me to be set-apart from my Mothers Spiritual Womb as Her Soul was into My Fathers hand finding me Now In the Temple where the Mother should Know I will be as with our brother Paul when the Time came for him to know longer Live on Milk and Bread alone he came Out from the wilderness where he was guarded and protected until the Father separating him as Him from his as His Spiritual Mother so He could now “Reveal” His Son-His Deliverer-His offspring- His Son- His Savior-His Son TRANSFORMED- Paul IN Jesus Truth Amen
Can you See where we are going Beloved as with Him All is the same Today if you have Ears to Hear Him who is speaking and Eyes to See this His Glory Truth Amen
I came here for One Purchase to DIE so my Fathers Eternal Seed of Himself could be Born Again into a New Earth of a Woman’s soul that is as Pure and Holy as mine because it is my Spirit that only searches out and lands like a Dove upon those souls set-apart as the Fathers Will and He Poured Himself into them to do His Will Truth Amen.
When these things happen as with myself so be it exactly and precisely as with me as I am now Walking with You because the Seed is Eternal Pure as Pure can be eternally washes One soul over and over ceasing Her as my Blood alone as Life courses through Her Veins birthing life after life after Life until She Sees Herself in the Eternal Mirror as me No longer separate but having attained to the Glory of Her Father through Her New Husband as In Jesus the eternal Father In His Eternal Son(s)
Now I spoke asking our Lord who are we who am I dear Lord and show me the Way to which He “TRUMPETED” Loudly Listen “TURN” to me 180 degrees and take Heed to everything I say Truth Amen
You Today the Ones on Earth as your brother the Prophets before you as well as my Apostles are ALL here and yet there with You as IAM. You Walk the Earth Today Precisely as I walked when I was in the earthly Tabernacle. The Fathers Seed of His Eternal Glory of His Presence is the Finished Work of His Glory that “MUST” Come forth now and be “Manifested” as His Sons Truth Amen.
You are NO longer from below You are No longer in fellowship with the World and it’s god NO loner are you ever to be tossed about from one wind of doctrine to another You Are Mine and the ALL of the eternal Fathers is Yours as IAM. You NO longer sin because the Seed dwelling Within You in your Souls Purity of Holiness is absolutely sinless and all together ONE as IAM. You Walk today in the Vessel of your own souls body as My body the New Earth to be joined as ONE New Creation as in me your deliverer-Savior- Truth Amen.
My Conquering Seed of Life In you Grows Upward into the Eternal Fathers Will alone with POWER “Mighty” POWER to perform all that’s Intended Fear Not Truth Amen.
When I said to you that today you are as IAM I was speaking Truth Amen I am telling you that you are as IAM Conquering the World and Overcoming it’s will as IAM Truth Amen
You are the Worlds delivers the Saviors Amen. Yes “You” are to be absolutely full of Faith and FAITHFUL to it until your Death Truth Amen. All those Loving Me DIE In me and LIVE in me again. DEATH has NO POWER over me and those willing to DIE In me as they Come ALIVE also In me never to DIE in me again Truth Amen
My Presence is what the Father Sees and “Must” See in you as His Most Holy Incorruptible Seed of Himself Truth Amen. All those Loving me and as IAM in them Loving them then I Must lead them into my DEATH “Not” some carnal-physical death that profits NOTHING but my Spiritual DEATH as I Yes allow this worlds Satan as god to put you in a Place where we DIE together as ONE so we Rise together as One Truth Amen.
Be Faithful Unto DEATH as in My DEATH and you will have the access as you do to My Life the “Hidden” Life-Manna Truth Amen
Today you are Walking Powerfully In the Earth as My “Witnesses” You as me and IAM in you TWO as One Dying Daily in me till DEAD in the Earth “Silenced” as the World rejoices but I will ARISE with a Vengeance with the Rod of SALVATION in my Hand to take what’s mine and casting from humanity all foul forces of Evil with ALL their Diseases Unclothing them for Eternity and never allowing them to possess the fallen creature again Truth Amen.
Every place My Foot Walks with You as you will they FLEE Until the earth is Purged from this stench called sin.
This is My Word to you!!
Be now Faithful to the DEATH “You” Must be Faithful to it’s End Truth Conquering And Overcoming as IAM Truth Amen
I Jesus have sent you My Word IAM Coming Again. And I spoke- even so Jesus- My Jesus Come Come Truth I say and Amen
So, I press on toward the Goal for the prize of the Upward call of God Himself calling us OUT so as to be completely and fully DEAD and made ALIVE in Christ Jesus as Lord.
Above all “YOU” Must you must understand that in these Last days scoffers will come with scoffing, following  their own lusts … And as the Lords response to them was then as in Noah’s day so is it Today Saying ‘Look, you scoffers; · be amazed and perish! For I am doing a work in your days, a work that you will not believe, even though someone should tell you in detail.’” Truth Amen

The Coming of the Lord “Manifesting” through His body…

Remember Beloved Ones He’s Coming as in revealing Himself from “Heaven” as in Your internal as Eternal dwelling Place(s) of our God. NOT yet in the  Earth as in the appearance realm of this present worlds body (external)  Until something happens in the Heavens Amen?
“YET” He will appear in this realm again but we “MUST” be positioned in the Heavenly atmosphere within ourselves where He’s dwelling Now  “Measuring” the Inward Tabernacles progress  of ones own Soul as the True  Holy Place of our God to See “Her” development in the Spirit of our own spirit joined as One Spirit we are to the Lord who is that Spirit as He alone dwells there today as the “Most Holy” Place of God Himself until these TWO “Witnesses” WITNESS as One House as the Most Holy “Jesus” a Life-Giving Spirit and the Holy Place of Ones own soul as is His becoming that One House so that the Outer court as is the Appearance realm of this world where the world functions today as where His body of this worlds flesh was crucified and done away with will APPEAR again “NEW” as His body without spot or wrinkle as He actually Comes to be Glorified in His Holy Ones as His complete and Perfect body to be admired at by all those believing. Yes the outer court will Transform itself from within as in Heaven inwardly- Eternally- Heavenly where the Power of His Resurrection is released through a people having been absolutely “Conformed” to His death as the very DEATH of our Jesus as the Christ died Himself.
Only as in Jesus we Live and we Die Amen? Amen!
 “NOT” Adam because we already PASTED OVER Out from that man into Christ only as  Jesus is that  Christ dwelling “WITHIN” our souls sitting upon each of them revealing Himself to us within us Seeing Him as we do “SEE” Jesus do we not?
Yes we are to be on Watch “WATCHING” Him rise again within us Measuring His progress as the Morning Star Himself abounding in that once gloomy place of our very own souls until that once MOON likened to a smitten planet was captured “SWALLOWED UP” as the soul is and “MUST” be FULLY clothed Over as that Life having Conquered Overcoming the Land Promised beneath as  Underneath His as our own feet forever joined to Her eternal Head by the God of Peace “NOT” War Amen Beloved Ones? 
Yes the God of “PEACE” Himself very soon as in “Short” order will absolutely Crush the Serpent Under our Feet as we abide in Him Amen!
Yes let us make Peace with whatever may presently be our enemies “KNOWING” that Esau was Jacobs “TWIN” brother and he Esau as is the present world was waiting for his brother to Grow upward be it unknowingly in God “Winning” the wrestling with the Spiritual Forces until he as Jacob Overcame those forces receiving a NEW Name “Israel” the Overcoming government of God making “Peace” with what he once perceived as his enemy only to find as in uncovering and  discovering the  Real Peace allowing them both to return home and “BURY” their Old Man Amen? 
Today Beloved Gods Israel from above where Jerusalem is is that becoming Holy City where Jacob soul as ours becomes this Israel as Gods Israel -Zion as we ALL Must be and do in Gods “Christ” even our Messiah Jesus- Overcoming the World as we Sojourn through it today as creation itself waits as it groans for liberation from their own bondage to sin into the Freedom of the Son(s) of God as they are “Revealed” from Heaven Amen.
So also · Christ, after having been offered once to bear the sins of many, will appear a second time to those who are eagerly awaiting him, without reference to sin but for Salvation.
“Ready To Be Revealed” In this Last Time where time will pass and be No more Amen and Amen!